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The U-Turn Church

New Direction for Health and Growth

The U-Turn ChurchYou don’t need to tell pastors that the majority of churches in America are in a state of stagnation or decline. Most of them are ministering in such a church. Now two pastors who turned their churches around show leaders how they can help usher in a new season of health, faithfulness, growth, and vision in their churches.

The U-Turn Church walks readers through the roadblocks of tradition, lack of vision or leadership, structural problems, and concerns about denominational distinctives to forge a new way forward into a hope-filled future. Through the stories of two churches that have experienced healthy transformation, readers will see that there is not just one right way to reverse decline. They will receive practical help and wisdom born of experience as they begin their own U-Turn journey.

Studying The U-Turn Church will help you…

  • Build a church that is attractive to spiritual seekers.
  • Identify and overcome myths that are keeping your church from growing.
  • Clarify your church vision.
  • Increase your passion and zeal for God, His Church, and the world.
  • Mobilize and inspire the leaders in your church.
Video Introduction to The U-Turn Church
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