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Seismic Shifts

The Little Changes That Make a Big Difference in Your Life

Seismic ShiftsIf you long to experience transformation in the most significant areas of life, this book will become your road map. Seismic Shifts is about change–positive, quality change that can help you grow spiritually, emotionally and physically. With practical advice and Scriptural encouragement Harney can help you experience deep and lasting joy, feel healthy and peaceful, and engage in a dynamic relationship with God.


Seismic Shifts are small and doable changes that have a big impact on your life. Reading Seismic Shifts will help you…

  • Grow mature in your faith.
  • Find freedom from working for God’s approval as you discover how much he already loves you.
  • Learn to read the Bible and enjoy it.
  • Adopt eight biblical practices that increase your physical health and energy level.
  • Experience the peace and rest your soul has been craving.
  • Discover true riches that can never be taken away.
Video Introduction to Seismic Shifts
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