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Leadership From the Inside Out

Examining the Inner Life of a Healthy Church Leader

Leadership from the Inside OutYou can serve God and his people for a lifetime and do it with passion and joy. You do not have to become another casualty in the growing number of leaders who have compromised their integrity, character, and ministry because they failed to lead an examined and accountable life. The road forward is clearly marked. Leaders must make a decision to humbly and consistently examine their inner lives and identify areas of needed change and growth. Also, wise leaders commit to listen to the voices of those who will love them enough to speak the truth and point out problems and potential pitfalls.

Kevin Harney writes, “The vision of this book is to assist leaders as they discover the health, wisdom, and joy of living an examined life. It is also to give practical tools for self-examination.” Sharing stories and wisdom from his years in ministry, Harney shows you how to maintain the most powerful tool in your leadership toolbox: YOU. Your heart, so you can love well. Your mind, so you can continue to learn and grow. Your ears, your eyes, your mouth…

Consider this your essential guide to conducting your own complete interior health exam, so you can spot and fix any problems, preserve the things that matter most, and grow as a source of vision, strength, and hope to others.

Studying Leadership from the Inside Out will help you…

  • Establish patterns that protect you from ministry burn out.
  • Discover freedom from unhealthy ministry expectations.
  • Drop self-imposed ministry burdens and serve with a joyful heart.
  • Establish boundaries that protect you from moral compromise.
  • Minister for a lifetime and enjoy it.
Video Introduction to Leadership From the Inside Out
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