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Organic Outreach Encouragement…The Most Important Thing That We Avoid!

Organic Outreach Encouragement…The Most Important Thing That We Avoid!

Over the past twenty-two years my wife Sherry and I have had the opportunity and privilege of writing over seventy small group studies in partnership with some amazing pastors and leaders.  These cover topics such as Parenting, Marriage, The Sermon on the Mount, Prayer, Community, Perseverance, Outreach, and many more.

Every three months we get a report that tells us how many copies of each study have been purchased worldwide.  Here is the sad reality, almost every quarter of the year, the small group study that focuses on reaching out to people who are far from God, and sharing faith naturally, is one of the worst selling studies.  Even though every church and Christian in the world says, “We believe in outreach and want to share the love and message of Jesus with the world,” most are still afraid to be equipped and sent out with the message and truth of Jesus.  We believe in the gospel, but don’t know how to shine the light of Jesus in this dark world.

Evangelism, Faith-Sharing, Organic Outreach…call it what you want.  This is the most important thing that most of us tend to avoid!

I want to challenge you to stop avoiding it and begin to be trained.  Here are two ways to get started:

Come to the Organic Outreach Conference this November in Monterey California: OOC

Read one of the Organic Outreach books: Organic Outreach for Ordinary People, Organic Outreach for Churches, or Organic Outreach for FamiliesOrganic Outreach Books

Take a step, this week, and focus on something that matters more than we dream and makes an impact for eternity…reaching out with the good news of Jesus!