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Leadership Challenge…Heading Into the Weekend: Pray and Wait

Leadership Challenge…Heading Into the Weekend: Pray and Wait

For the past year my wife and I led a small group (in partnership with another couple).  We walked through the whole epic story of the Bible in a thirty-one week journey called, The Story.  At the end of the year Sherry and I felt we should drop out of this group and start a new one.  We loved the old group, and some of them stayed together and invited in a few new people, but we felt God prompt us to start fresh.

We invited a few couples that we wanted to see connect closer in the church and they said yes.  But, we still had room for four more people.  Sherry and I agreed that we should not just go and find people to fill the slots.  Instead, we should wait and pray, trusting that if God had someone he wanted in our group, He is perfectly capable of showing us!

In the four days leading up to the first meeting of our new group, two things happened.  First, a leader from another local church (see Wednesday’s blog) contacted me about helping a couple from his church get connected at Shoreline.  We called them, they said yes, and they had a great time when we met Sunday.  Next, a leader from our church talked to me and said, “My wife and I need to get in a Reckless Faith small group.”  I mentioned that we had a spot and he said, “We would love to be in your group and learn from how you and Sherry work together.”  They to are in the group and love it!

It would have been easy to just go find people to plug into our group.  When we prayed and waited, God surprised us with just the right people.