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Draw Near to God…Thoughts for a Monday Morning – When God Says, “No.”

Draw Near to God…Thoughts for a Monday Morning – When God Says, “No.”

God answers every prayer. Sometimes He says, “Yes,” at other times He says, “No,” and there are times, in His wisdom, God calls us to wait. How should we respond when God says, “No”?

If we believe God is sovereign and gracious, we should trust Him. We should walk forward with a bold confidence. We should believe that His “No” is a reflection of the heart of a loving Father who knows what is best for His children.

In my journey of faith over the past three and a half decades I have experienced times I have prayed with bold confidence that I knew what I needed and what God should do. I prayed in faith. I prayed in the Name of Jesus.

In some cases, God said, “No!”

Each time this happened I was disappointed and sometimes discouraged. I trusted God. I did not stop loving Him. But I did feel bad.

In some of these situations I was able to look back after months and actually see the wisdom of God’s ways. I later thanked Him for answering my prayer with a divine, “No.” In other cases I have not yet come to understand who God has said, “No.” But, I do trust His sovereign wisdom. I know He is on the throne.

As you draw near to God and walk with Him, know that God wants you to come to Him in prayer and ask of Him. He always hears you. He always cares. And, He will always answer. When He says, “Yes,” be sure to thank Him. When He says, “No,” walk with trust that He knows what is best and thank Him for loving you enough to say, “No” when it is the best thing for you.