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Draw Near to God…Thoughts for a Monday Morning – Be Nice To Your Pastor

Draw Near to God…Thoughts for a Monday Morning – Be Nice To Your Pastor

OK, maybe I am not neutral on this topic, but I do know a lot of pastors and most of them are wonderful people. They serve faithfully, work hard, love God and people, and take a lot of grief…usually with real grace.

So, be nice to them. Send a word of encouragement. Thank them for how they serve. Don’t be picky and bossy. Let them know they are loved.

Recently I was preparing to preach a sermon on forgiveness. As I was preparing, my mind wandered back to other times I have preached on this challenging topic over the past three decades. Often I have been accosted after preaching on forgiveness. I have received letters, calls, and face-to-face confrontations with people who were upset because I told them they were expected to grow in forgiveness. I declared that God calls them to learn how to forgive, even when it is hard.

The topic of forgiveness is among what I call “The Big Three.” These are the biblical topics that seem to act like a stick hitting a hornet’s nest. Can you guess the other two topics? They are biblical sexuality…people really get upset over this one. Also, the topic of Christian finances seems to push lots of buttons.

I suppose I will always have a bit of a flinch response every time I preach on one of “The Big Three.” But can I give you a word of exhortation? The next time your pastor dares to wander into the minefield of one of these topics, be nice. Thank them for being courageous. Affirm their boldness. Cheer them on for preaching what the Bible teaches.

Be nice to your pastor!