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Leadership Challenge…Heading Into the Weekend – Borrow Stuff

Leadership Challenge…Heading Into the Weekend – Borrow Stuff

The smartest leaders I have met through the years are people who are really good at borrowing things.  They don’t feel they need to re-invent the wheel and come up with new stuff at every turn.  They are humble enough to know that other people have great insight, leadership practices, and tools to offer them.  So, they ask for help, borrow ideas, learn from others, and become better leaders than they would ever be on their own.


Warning… If you are using something that has a clear copyright or an idea that belongs directly to someone else, credit them and he honest about it.


But, if it is general information that has been floating around for a long time, don’t act like you made it up, but don’t feel like you have to footnote everything you say or do. 


Pastor Rick Warren has been quoted as saying:

·      If you borrow something of mine, the first time you use it, say, “I got this from Rick Warren.”

·      The second time say, “I’ve heard it said.”

·      The third time say, “I’ve always said!”

Now, the truth is, I don’t know if Rick Warren is the first person to ever say this.  Maybe he used these three steps years ago and now he has owned the idea.


Bottom line, borrow and share.  We learn this as kids and need to get back to this as adults.  This is why there are a growing number of free resources on this website.  I love to give things away.  Check them out and share them with others: